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A transformable space for any occasion

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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These are the events that we are hosting in the coming weeks and months!
Please note that while other events may be happening in our space, only these events are open to the public.

About Makeshift Spaces

We Create Awesome Stuff

Makeshift is a transformable space for any occasion. We are a Creative Team located in Vancouver, Canada and we are here to help you transform our space to expand your business. Before “pop-up” was a marketing buzzword, temporary Halloween shops would open to sell costumes just when people needed them.

That principle still holds, with brands launching stores for holiday shopping, or to coincide with big events like Fashion Week. Pop-ups help brands be where they want to be, when they want to be there. Building out a brand experience in a location that you can use for several different elements of a promotional campaign: a big launch party, cocktails for V.I.P. customers, a reception for partners, a lunch for media, and public hours for consumers, additional parties hosted by collaborators or like-minded brands.

Our pop-up space can give your online brand a physical presence.

Transformable Space

We provide a premium experience in renting space; that starts with a prime location, and a unique experience for marketing, setup and promotion of your individual brand

Marketing & Promotion

The key to an awesome party is to fill the room with potential. We have a variety of marketing packages to spread the word on what you're bringing to market.

Client Support

We have a variety of equipment for rent from racking to tabletops. We can transform and design the space to fit your vision.

How We Work

Conceptualize, Plan, Promote, and Execute. Together we discuss the possibilities and needs for your venture. You decide on how it will be best brought to market.


Let's do business in a different way. Let's make it fun and distinct.


Let's come up with a new and fresh idea to showcase your concept.


You want your audience to remember your event, so let's get creative.


Thinking outside the box is what sets you apart. It's what get's you noticed.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.

Monique Cherrie

My job is to make sure your Makeshift adventure creates a memorable, successful foundation for the future of your business.

Monique Cherrie

Yvan Boily

My job is to provide technical guidance and support, and help with finding online opportunities to supplement your MakeShift experience.

Yvan Boily
Technical Advisor

We want to change
peoples lives

Community begins with connection and at Makeshift we strive to be a vital part of the community that strengthens the presence of start-ups and supports the education and investment of local businesses

Who We Are

We are a start up. We believe in startups. We want to see you succeed.

We bring a background in business, a history in marketing and an expertise in creative design. We are willing to be as involved in your rental of our space as you would like.

If you have a strong picture of the in house design, then we provide the basics. If this is your first marketing attempt, then we provide extra services to deliver your concept.


We Are Here For You

Makeshift will provide a sharable space for new and established businesses to engage the community with short term retail exposure, product launches, education and training, and exhibitions. In addition to providing customizable space, Makeshift can also provide promotional, logistic, and customer support to enable its customers to rapidly iterate on new customer engagement strategies.


Do you have a great product but lack the skills to showcase it properly?

Creating a great experience takes organizational skills. When launching a product the first impression is lasting. Product placement, themes, and room design are important components for a successful event.

  • Product Placement
  • Research
  • Aid with Decor and Entertainment
  • Coordination with Catering
  • Photography


A pop-up shop helps build your brand, cultivate awareness and increase sales

A pop-up retail space is a rented temporary space that could be a used for a sample sale for one day to several weeks later. There are different benefits such as marketing, testing products, locations, or markets, and as a low cost way to start a business.

  • Physical Presence
  • Brand Testing
  • Product Marketing
  • Demand Creation
  • Location Testing

Training &

Sell your product and increase customer knowledge by hosting a training and with a retail opportunity.

Education is all about learning the theory and Training gives you the hands on skills to do something. Sales or technical training gives your potential clients the know how to sell your product confidently while giving them access to purchase the latest products from your lineup.

  • Sales and Mareting
  • Training Opportunities
  • Product Familiarity
  • Build Brand Loyalty

Launch &

Introduce your brand to the market in style

A launch party is thrown by a company to celebrate the release of a new product or service. You can throw this type of party to draw in potential new customers and to increase public exposure of your brand name. This generally consists of catered food and a variety of entertainers.

  • Introduce a new Product
  • Brand Immersion & Research
  • User Testing
  • Workshops
  • Press Engagement
We Are Designers
We Are Community
We Are Creative

— Makeshift Spaces —

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Successful!

Whether it's your first event, or you run events every week, we know the challenges that can arise. Our job is to take the pain out of planning an event so that you can focus on bringing your best ideas to reach your audience.


Times are changing - we can help you you create a Pop-up Event that allows you to be responsive to your customers and community.
Contact us about your event, we will help you with the first steps of organizing your event.


Our team will work with you to find an innovative plan that showcases you and your brand. We help you source everything you need to take your virtual concept into a Brick & Mortar reality.


You want to make an impression, and that starts with presentation.
We will work with you to creatively promote your event using social media and convention channels.


We think outside the box to find creative ways to set your event apart.
When it's time for your event we provide the support you need to make sure you have an event that gets noticed!

Let us help you fan the spark of your idea into a brilliant success!


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89 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1C3